Olive Oil

health properties

Olive oil represents one of the basic elements of the Mediterranean diet and has been recognized as having the following health properties:

Positive effects on cholesterol
Extra virgin olive oil helps reduce excess cholesterol. It does not generate "bad" cholesterol (LDL) at all, favouring, on the contrary, the formation of good cholesterol (HDL). The latter guarantees the integrity of our arteries: it cleans them of any arteriosclerotic plaques and LDL itself, preventing these substances from adhering to the walls of the arteries, clogging them.

High vitamin content
It has an interesting content of vitamin A and vitamin E, the quantity of which depends not only on the variety of olives, but above all on the quality, degree of ripeness and health status of the olives themselves. The more deteriorated the olives are, the lower the vitamin content in the oil will be.

Promotes growth
The richness of fats ensures a more balanced development in children, helping the cellular tissue in the assimilation of substances essential for growth. The classic drizzle of oil in baby food is the healthiest and most appreciated condiment. A diet rich in extra virgin olive oil is also important for children, as a growing body needs a supplement in the daily intake of energy and calories.

Regulates the intestine
Extra virgin olive oil facilitates liver activity and regulates intestinal activity. The consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduces the risks of gastric and duodenal ulcers, exerts a laxative action, more effective on an empty stomach and helps to correct chronic constipation; it also has a protective effect against the formation of gallstones.

High digestibility
It has been scientifically proven that extra virgin olive oil is the only 100% digestible oil, compared to 85% of sunflower seed oil, 81% of peanut oil and 36% of corn seed oil. Compared to other fats, particularly those of animal origin, extra virgin olive oil is the one that digests the fastest.



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