Taurino is the story of a passion passed down from generation to generation. The company was born in Squinzano in the 1960s from a dream two hard workers, Pino and Maria, had to build a solid future for their children in the heart of their land, Salento.

Oil and Territory

Our olive trees

A land designed by olive trees, Salento is a silver landscape which is the true richness of Puglia.

Our Territory

Coratina and Favolosa are the predominant cultivars in our olive farm, but there is no shortage of non-native varieties such as Leccino, Frantoio, which only here express completely peculiar olfactory and gustatory sensations.
Would you like to spend a day full of pleasure visiting our olive farm, our oil mill and the monumental or landscape beauties that surround it?


For fifty years we have been growing and pressing our olives with care and love, offering an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, a perfect combination of the experience of a consolidated family tradition and the most modern technologies.

Il Nostro Olio

Extrà, Sirius, Polaris, Biò: four extra virgin olive oils with delicate or intense flavours, which are fruity or herbaceous, bring the authentic aroma of Puglia to the table.

I Nostri Sottoli

The best local vegetables combined with a delicately flavoured extra virgin olive oil, for tasty pâtés and grilled meats that will tickle the most demanding palates.


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Point of sale and tasting room

Via per Torchiarolo, km 1
73018 Squinzano (LE)

Come and join us

Directions from Lecce

  • Take the SS613 towards Brindisi (15km)
  • Turn left into: SP5 (for 2.5 km)
  • Arrival in Via to Torchiarolo, Squinzano

Directions from Brindisi

  • Take the SS613 towards LECCE (for 20 Km)
  • Take the exit towards: SQUINZANO TORCHIAROLO
  • Turn right into: SP5 (per 2,5km)
  • Arrival in Via Torchiarolo, Squinzano

Enter the GPS coordinates

  • Latitude: + 40°27' 25.90"
    Longitude: + 18° 3' 28.90"

Registered office

Via Cellino, 13
73018 Squinzano (LE)


Azienda Agricola Taurino
Donato & Rosaria S.S.
P.Iva 02349840757


Point of sale and tasting room

Via per Torchiarolo, km 1
73018 Squinzano (LE)


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