Taurino is the story of a passion passed down from generation to generation. The company was born in Squinzano in the 1960s from a dream two hard workers, Pino and Maria, had to build a solid future for their children in the heart of their land, Salento.

In 2002, their ambitious bet was to no longer grow olives to resell to large processors outside the region, like most farmers in the area, but to create their own extra virgin olive oil that can aspire to levels of excellence by building their own mill. An idea that was ahead of its time and proved to be a winner. Production is mainly based on pure Cellina di Nardò, to which blends with Ogliarola Salentina and non-native varieties are progressively added, such as Leccino, Frantoio, Nociara, Carolea and Pendolino.

As the second Taurino generation was growing up, Rosaria and Donato, who as teenagers were already running around the company and enjoying driving tractors and they also were perfecting their technical knowledge. Furthermore, Donato first obtained a diploma as an agricultural expert and then later a degree in Agricultural Sciences. Thus, Donato looks to the future and senses the change of times towards a more demanding and attentive consumption. So, this is why in 2002, Agricola Taurino made the leap in quality, with the construction of an oil mill within the company complex and the introduction of the most recent technological innovations.

Today Agricola Taurino is one of the most important companies in Salento, in which all processing phases are followed directly, both the production and transformation of the olives, and the classification, storage and conservation of the extra virgin olive oils. The result is a production that strictly adheres to the highest quality standards: short supply chain, organic cultivation, olives harvested and pressed on the same day, for a range of highly prestigious extra virgin olive oils.


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Point of sale and tasting room

Via per Torchiarolo, km 1
73018 Squinzano (LE)

Come and join us

Directions from Lecce

  • Take the SS613 towards Brindisi (15km)
  • Turn left into: SP5 (for 2.5 km)
  • Arrival in Via to Torchiarolo, Squinzano

Directions from Brindisi

  • Take the SS613 towards LECCE (for 20 Km)
  • Take the exit towards: SQUINZANO TORCHIAROLO
  • Turn right into: SP5 (per 2,5km)
  • Arrival in Via Torchiarolo, Squinzano

Enter the GPS coordinates

  • Latitude: + 40°27' 25.90"
    Longitude: + 18° 3' 28.90"

Registered office

Via Cellino, 13
73018 Squinzano (LE)


Azienda Agricola Taurino
Donato & Rosaria S.S.
P.Iva 02349840757


Point of sale and tasting room

Via per Torchiarolo, km 1
73018 Squinzano (LE)


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