To diversify, in 2022 Agricola Taurino created a plant of walnuts arranged 7 metres apart between the rows and 5 metres on the row with the Chandler and Franquette varieties.
Chandler is developed mainly in California and widely cultivated in the United States. It is a variety of walnut known for its high yield, highly appreciated for its sweet and buttery flavour, and easy shelling thanks to its thin shell. These walnuts are often used as snacks, ingredients in cooking or in the confectionery industry; they are also a nutritious source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants.
The Franquette variety of walnuts originates from France and is among the oldest and most traditional. This walnut is appreciated for its rich and aromatic flavour; often consumed alone as a snack, added to salads, desserts or used as an ingredient in many culinary recipes. They are also a good source of nutrients, including healthy fats, proteins and antioxidants.

Distinctive characteristics of the Franquette walnut include:
Thin shell: Relatively easy to crack, making shelling easier than some other nut varieties.
Rich flavour: Franquette walnuts are known for their rich, buttery flavour, with a light sweetness and aromatic notes.
Productivity: Franquette is also prized for its ability to produce a plentiful yield of walnuts, making it a popular choice among walnut growers.



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Via per Torchiarolo, km 1
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  • Take the SS613 towards LECCE (for 20 Km)
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  • Turn right into: SP5 (per 2,5km)
  • Arrival in Via Torchiarolo, Squinzano

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Point of sale and tasting room

Via per Torchiarolo, km 1
73018 Squinzano (LE)


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