The farm


The commercial farm of Taurino Donato and Rosaria is located in Squinzano (Le).

It is conducted in direct economy by the two administrators and legal representatives, the brothers Donato and Rosaria, young entrepreneurs engaged in commercial farming as business owners since 1985 and exactly since they joined parents, Maria and Pino, founders of what is now a commercial farm expanded to 150 hectares fully planted with olive orchard. Logo azienda agricola TaurinoThe technical direction of the company and therefore all stages of production and processing of olives, as well as those relating to the classification, storage and conservation of oil, are personally and daily checked by the brothers Donato and Rosaria, with a particular attention upon the cautious and parsimonious use of agrochemicals registered on the olive tree and the strict respect of deadlines deficiency (interval between treatment and use of product).

The professionalism is already evident from the care of the growing - production of olive trees in the field, through the choice of suitable active ingredients and the right period for plant protection, the respect for times of shortage of chemicals, the appropriate fertilization, the pruning, the irrigation, with finding the right time and how to make the collection with respect for time and temperature of processing of olives and oil extraction, his classification and the resulting taste before packaging.

Certificazioni Azienda Agricola Taurino

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